Separate Cremation (CAR)

A separate cremation (Cremation with Ashes Returned “CAR”) allows for the most efficient use of the crematory chamber. There is no co-mingling of cremains between animal companions, and, of course, cremation discs are used for even more security. The cremains integrity is as good as an absolute private cremation.
This method of cremation allows the cremator to run with the lowest possible impact on the environment and still return cremains of the highest integrity.

Communal Cremation

A group disposal where many animals are cremated at one time. Owner does not wish any return of cremains from their pet.

Absolute Private Cremation

In this type of cremation only one pet, regardless of size, is in the cremation chamber to be cremated. This cremation has high impact on the environment, but is available for those clients who wish it.

Cremation Identification Discs

A unique, steel identification disc is placed with each pet in the crematory chamber during a separate or absolute private cremation. This disc remains intact during the cremation and follows the cremains through the entire process. It is returned in the cremains to the owner. This is the industry standard for humans and we feel it should be the standard for animal companion cremation.

Complete chain of custody paperwork

Our 3-part form tracks all separate and absolute private cremations through the entire process. Upon return of cremains, your final copy will have identification of each person who had possession of the pet or the pet’s cremains during the process.

Upgraded Transportation

We use fully refrigerated and specially insulated vans to ensure that animal companions are transported at less than 40 degrees.

State of the art Cremators

Sunset Promise uses new, state of the art, hot hearth cremators that are the most efficient at what they do and minimize environmental impact.

Memorial Products

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