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Your trusted partner in Aftercare Services for Animal Companions

Our five owners have one goal – to provide pet aftercare services veterinarians can be proud to offer to the pet owners who have entrusted them with the care of their animal companions.

Sunset Promise, LLC has no private equity ownership. Our facilities are managed locally by the owner who lives in that area.

What is cremation?

A traditional cremation, provided by Sunset Promise, reduces a body to it’s elemental, non-carbon components by flame. All water and carbon are removed.

⦁ The cremains are processed to create the white to light-gray, powdery “ash” that people have come to expect.

⦁ The volume of cremains can vary and are dictated strictly by bone mass and not by weight. An animal companion who is lost to chronic kidney failure may have a much smaller bone mass. A pet who passes due to some types of cancer may have a larger than expected volume of cremains.

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