Memorial Products

Laser Etched Paw Print

Sunset Promise offers a unique take on the traditional paw print. We take an ink paw print from the animal companion, then scan it to create a data file which we then laser etch onto a sustainable bamboo disc. Since the file is stored digitally, copies can be created at a low cost and all copies are exactly the same! These bamboo disc prints will not break if dropped!

Clay Paw Prints and PawPals kits are also offered.


Please see the attached photos of the urn products we offer as standard stock (usually no delay).

Companion Urn in Cherry, Maple, Oak and Walnut Veneer

This is a purpose-made URN in MDF covered with a real, hardwood veneer. Other products in this class are covered with a paper veneer – this is real wood and the quality shows. These laser engrave exceptionally well. This is probably the best value for an urn in this category. Wood veneers available: Walnut, Cherry, Oak, and Maple.

Companion Photo Urn in Oak, Walnut, Cherry and Maple Veneers

This is a photo urn made from MDF and covered in a real, hardwood veneer. The quality of finish is exceptional and the photo can be placed without exposing the cremains. The photo acrylic is held in place with magnets making photo placement easy.

Cedar Urn II

For someone wanting a real cedar urn, this is an outstanding product. This urn has a terrific finish and has “slider” access on the bottom. This is a gorgeous, solid aromatic cedar product. These also engrave very well with the laser.

Cedar III Chest with lock

This is a cedar novelty box that has hinges and closes with a latch and a small lock. These have become very popular for us as an urn for animal companions.

Painted Metal Urn

For those wanting a classically shaped (Grecian) metal urn. A simple aluminum alloy urn with a painted finish. This is an economical metal product that is durable indoors even though it is lightweight. It is available in 3 colors but please check for availability as this is a new product.

Ceramic Paw Print Pottery Urn

A cute ceramic urn with paw prints. This urn is unique and not a “typical” urn product. The popularity of this product has surprised us. It is available in 3 colors. The lid is glued in place. This is a fun, colorful urn product that doesn’t look like an urn! It comes in three colors.

Sheesham Box

This is an Indian Rosewood novelty box with a slider bottom allowing for cremains access. The top surface is carved. This product has become popular over the years as it is an economical wood product. This urn is imported from India and availability is not always guaranteed.

Pewter Metal Paw Print Urn

These urns are very heavy and of extreme quality. This is a multi-generational, high quality memorial product. We cannot engrave these urns with our laser. We can recommend local trophy shops for engraving.

Velvet Bag

These soft bags are not urns. However, if scattering is intended for cremains, this is an option that many find appealing as the bag can then be repurposed to memorialize the animal companion in the home (to hold collars, toys, etc.).

Standard Temporary Box

This is an environmentally friendly, attractive temporary container for cremains. This is a sturdy box made from a papered cardboard. It is meant to be a temporary container but can serve for years in a home environment. We feel that it is superior to the typical temporary plastic containers used as temporary urns.

Clay Paw Print

A product from Laguna Clay in California is used to make an unusually detailed clay paw print. This is a deep imprint of an animal companion’s front paw. We will engrave a name on the clay with a laser. These paw prints are beautiful in terracota and the laser name is a big improvement over single letter “stamping.” It is hard to beat this clay for a super-detailed, deep pawprint. Warning: Clay paw prints are fragile and will break if dropped. This is also an air-dried clay product and is susceptible to water damage.

Ink Paw Print

This is an ink print of a front paw. One of these in included with the laser bamboo paw print.

Looking for more?

Witness and Virtual Witness Cremations are available if arranged through the veterinary hospital. There are many exceptional on-line sources available to clients.

Jewelry: Sunset Promise does not offer jewelry.

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